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Hypnokink Booklist

Books are listed in no particular order.

Erotic Hypnosis Scripts by Charlie Bitten – Highly Recommended. Excellent.

The Forked Tongue Revisited by Flagg - Mindfucks and Edgeplay with Hypnosis. Highly Recommended.

Mastering Erotic Hypnosis by James Gordon

Look Into My Eyes by Peter Masters

Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis by Mark Wiseman

The Mind Play Study Guide by Mark Wiseman. For Teaching Classes.

The Brainwashing Book by Sleepingirl – Brainwashing and Conditioning.

Hypnotic Amnesia by LeeAllure – Memory Play

The Mind Whisperer by Shane Hill

Instruction of The Hypno Dom by Joseph Crown

Erotic Hypnosis: A Beginner's Crash Course by Alexandra Morris – Femdom Perspective + Scripts. Part of a series of three, most content is in the form of full scripts. Download Book 2. Download Book 3. Particularly good for her different perspective and inclusion of complete scripts.

Combining Sex and Erotic Hypnosis

The Art of Erotic Hypnosis by C. Charles – Pretty crap, listed here only for completeness.

For an Introduction to Hypnosis and combining it with Kink, Fetishism and BDSM

Beyond Games of Trance by Alex Tsander (Direct Download in "Downloads - Hypnosis" section)

Managing a Hypnosis-based Relationship

The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers by Joseph Crown

Safety Note - Joseph Crowns sections on creating "alters" can cause permanent and dangerous side effects. Avoid using those techniques unless you have been specifically trained in them by a Professional and understand how to resolve and dissolve them. If you require assistance in undoing them or the work of other hypnotists, use the Contact page to get in touch.