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Booklist - Hypnokink Booklist


Technique - The Eight Questions for Better Sex

Technique - The Five Minute Aftercare Routine

Technique - The After Action Review (AAR)

General Erotic Hypnosis (EH) Resources and Lists

Resource - EH Content Creators

Resource - EH Conventions

Resource - EH Podcasts

Resource - EH Videogames Featuring Mind Control

Resource - Non-erotic Software for Learning Hypnosis

Tools for Content Creators

Guide - How to Build a Wiki

Resource - Tools for Hypnokink Content Distribution


Guide - How I Do It and Tools I Use

Guide - How to use Hypnotic Audio Files

Guide - Some Notes on Injecting Drugs and Brainwashing Pills

Resources for Broader Kink

Resource - List of Sources of Kink Education

List - Sourcing Chemicals

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