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How I Do It

This page is intended to provide you with a description of the key tools that I use, to save you a heap of wasted time.

Tools I use

Passwords are handled through Bitwarden.

Two Factor Authentication through Authy.

Email is handled through Protonmail.

Resources Folder is through Tresorit, but Box is probably fine for you.

Documents are written in Markdown and stored in Obsidian Notes.

Scheduling is handled through TidyCal.

Payments are handled through a Wise Business Account.

Podcast is hosted on Anchor.fm

Buttondown for the Newsletter.

Telegram for Group Chats and texting without needing to share a phone number.

Website is EasyWP Hosting Package through Namecheap.

Domains are held in Cloudflare Register.

There are lots of other ways to do it. If you are interested, I have conducted a massive in-depth study of the hypnokink content distribution ecosystem. Message me on Telegram and I'll share my conclusions with you.