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Tools for Hypnokink Content DISTRIBUTION


https://protonmail.com/ - Recommended. Free Account.



File Hosting

https://www.box.com/ - Recommended

https://tresorit.com/ - With Tresorit - do not use your real name as it CANNOT be changed after creation. Your email address is also visible to anyone you share a folder with, so use your Kink one from above.


Group Chat, Texting and Calls

https://telegram.org/ - Recommended



Discord can also work, hypnokink discord is a collection of the most dysfunctional human beings on the planet and a massive time waster. Avoid at all costs. You have been warned.

Audio Content

https://anchor.fm/ - Recommended.

https://soundgasm.net/to stream audio files directly to people through the browser.

Mailing List / Newsletter

https://buttondown.email/ is waaaaaay better than Mailchimp. Use it.

Workshops / Live Events

https://www.teamup.com/ for creating a shared calender of content or to organise live events / presentations / etc

https://www.stickytickets.com.au/ for selling tickets to events.

https://www.jotform.com/ for creating forms to collect information.

Written Content

https://obsidian.md/ or https://typora.io/ for creating and editing Markdown formatted text (seriously use this it will save you so much time) which will display consistently everywhere.

https://copysmith.ai/ (Paid) for creating rough draft ad copy for your website, newsletter, etc.

Monetise Your Content

https://gumroad.com/ - Recommended Store



https://www.warpmymind.com/ is one of the largest Hypnokink file marketplaces.

Standard Process

  1. Clarify the Intention of what you want to create. If it isn't written down it isn't real.
  2. Create a Brand and Identity.
  3. Get an email address.
  4. Create Group Chat for your supporters.
  5. Create your Content.
  6. Register for Filesharing Account.
  7. Create Website.
  8. Create Reddit / Fetlife or other social media account to popularise.

Keys to Success

What is it intended to do?
Who is it for?
How will I know when it’s done?